Grzymek – wieś w Polsce położona w województwie mazowieckim, w powiecie grodziskim, w gminie Żabia Wola. Wieś zlokalizowana jest na terenie Wysoczyzny Rawskiej na Południowym Mazowszu. Grzymek powstał po reformie administracyjnej w zaborze rosyjskim w roku 1866. Wcześniej już istniał… Continue Reading

John Baird (Royal Navy officer)

Admiral Sir John Kennedy Erskine Baird, KCB (16 September 1832 – 8 December 1908) was an officer in the Royal Navy, who is chiefly remembered for commanding the losing side in the 1888 annual naval manoeuvres. Baird was born on… Continue Reading

Western Australian state election, 1901

George Throssell Ministerialist George Leake Oppositionist Elections were held in the state of Western Australia on 24 April 1901 to elect 50 members to the Western Australian Legislative Assembly. It was the first election to take place since responsible government… Continue Reading

Transpiration animale

La transpiration (ou sudation) est la production et évacuation de sueur par les pores de la peau ou au travers de certaines muqueuses (pulmonaire notamment). L’existence d’une transpiration par la peau et les poumons a été démontrée expérimentalement pour la… Continue Reading

2015 UCI Road World Championships – Women’s time trial

The Women’s time trial of the 2015 UCI Road World Championships took place in and around in Richmond, Virginia, USA on September 22, 2015. The course of the race is 29.9 km (18.6 mi) with the start and finish in Richmond Peuterey… Continue Reading

James Adam (architect)

James Adam (21 July 1732 – 20 October 1794) was a Scottish architect and furniture designer, but was often overshadowed by his older brother and business partner, Robert Adam. They were sons of architect William Adam 2016 New Oakley Replica… Continue Reading