Wano language

Wano is a Papuan language of the Indonesian New Guinea Highlands.

As well as the monophthongs described above, Wano also has seven diphthongs: /i̯a/, /ɛi̯/, /ai̯/ big reusable water bottles, /au̯/, /ɔi̯/, /ɔu̯/, and /ui̯/.

The voiced plosives /b/ and /d/ are imploded word-initially and intervocalically.
When a nasal occurs before /p/, /p/ becomes a prenasalized voiced plosive [ᵐb]. Similarly, when a nasal occurs before /t/ or /ɡ/ stainless steel thermos jug, they become, respectively 1 liter water bottle bpa free, [ⁿd] and [ᵑɡ].
/p/, /k/, /ɡ/, and /ɡ/’s allophone, [ᵑɡ] become labialized before /w/, with /ɡ/ becoming [ɣʷ] glass reusable bottles.
The sequences /tj/ and /dj/ become the palatal fricatives /ç ʝ/.